3 Helpful Bits of Information Gathered By Data Aggregators

3 Helpful Bits of Information Gathered By Data Aggregators

By Cortland J. Fondon

When creating a successful marketing campaign, you’ll need to use data aggregators to provide information about your target demographic. Data aggregators continually gather data about different groups to help their clients target consumers directly. The data gathering techniques may include manual collection from public databases and direct online efforts, such as surveys, which people volunteer to fill out. Here are three items you’ll find on the comprehensive reports created by data aggregators.


If your company only offers services or products in a specific area, you’ll want to use targeted ad campaigns to attract people in that vicinity. Otherwise, you’re wasting advertising dollars on consumers who cannot participate in a meaningful way. You can create a mailing list full of customers in your immediate area using information collected and organized by data aggregators.


Transaction information gives you a chance to identify customers who might be interested in your products or services. This is especially true if your company provides a product or service that requires recurring purchases. Use the transaction history and purchase timing to send out well-researched ads that hit consumers’ doorsteps at precisely the right moment. If you reach consumers just as they’re about to purchase that item or service type, your company will jump up in their memory first.

Job History

A person’s job can tell you a lot about their purchase habits and service needs. For example, people who work long hours on a consistent basis may eat out more than those with a less demanding career. In addition, people in certain careers have a need for particular products, including hair accessories, protective gear and specific types of clothing. Once you identify a few careers that tap into your product or service type, you can use the data aggregation services to find consumers that meet the desired profile.

Exploring the Benefits

The main benefit of utilizing data aggregators is the ability to make your advertising dollars work for you. Each campaign you arrange will target consumers who are very likely to enjoy your goods and services. As a result, you should see higher response numbers after creating marketing campaigns designed for a specific demographic. You will also benefit by learning the right type of consumers to target for in-person demonstrations, so you will waste less time performing product or service demos for the wrong groups.


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